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Swap the
the Taste

Swap the
the Taste

Our Mission

We want to make it easier for everyone to eat less meat so they can enjoy all the benefits of a flexitarian lifestyle and support a greener planet.

We’ve set out to create a new plant-based twist on the nation’s favourite pies. Pies that taste so good, you can’t tell the difference between plant-based and the real thing!

We swap the meat, not the taste, so you don’t have to compromise…

Now that’s savvy!

Our Story

20 years’ experience in food development teaches you a few things about what it takes to make delicious food that’s easy to prepare and that people love to eat! Thanks to our talented team’s drive and passion in pushing the boundaries, this latest step in our culinary journey has produced something truly innovative and downright delicious.

Cleverly created by award-winning chefs in the heart of the Surrey countryside, our simple and satisfying range of chilled and frozen plant-based pies has been cooked up with busy lifestyles and modern day demands in mind, finally allowing everyone to swap the meat, not the taste.

Secrets to Success

  • Created by chefs

    It all starts with our chefs. Each plant-based recipe is carefully crafted to create maximum taste and texture to keep even the keenest meat eaters satisfied. And did we mention they’re all Michelin-trained and the best in their field? So you know you’re in safe hands.

  • Multiple protein sources

    We scour the globe to find the best plant-based meat alternatives on the market and refuse to be bound by a single process or raw material. It may sound simple, but this unique approach is how we create such an authentic meaty taste and texture.

  • Convenience is Key

    Life gets hectic. All our plant-based pies have been developed with busy kitchens and lifestyles in mind. They’re easy to cook with no specialist chef equipment required, catering to anyone wanting to reduce meat consumption in a simple, satisfying way.

Our Products

Putting a plant-based spin on the ultimate British comfort food staple – it all begins with the humble pie.

Golden-crusted pastry with three melt-in-the-mouth fillings to choose from, our delicious (not to mention award-winning) pies deliver on everything a pie should.

They just happen to be meat-free!

The Principles of Our Pies

  • Clean, Simple Ingredients

    Our pies are manufactured in the UK – using simple, kitchen cupboard ingredients, so you can enjoy your plant-based pies knowing there are no hidden nasties.

  • Sustainable Packaging

    We all know that reducing meat intake benefits the planet, but we don’t stop at the ingredients in our delicious dishes – we’re about the full package!

    Our foil trays and pie boxes are fully recyclable. Just tap out any crumbs before popping in the recycling bin.

  • No Compromise Promise

    We take our promise of no compromise on taste or texture very seriously. We benchmark vs the best-in-class meat and alternative protein products in the market. We design our food around taste, not an ingredient or process, so you’ll always find us using the best alternative protein for the pie’s flavour.

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