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Savvy Brits Demand Better Quality Plant-Based Options

There are many reasons why people are turning their back on meat and embracing a more plant-based diet. Impact on the environment and food producers, companies not doing enough to tackle health inequality, malnutrition, pollution and waste are all key issues for consumers. Whilst it was believed that the trend towards plant-based might be curtailed during the cost-of-living crisis, it is now clear that embracing more plant-based food as part of our overall diet, is here to stay – across all age groups!

Brits have reduced meat consumption by 17% over the past decade (National Diet and Nutrition Survey – GOV.UK (, proof that the nation’s diet has already started to shift – but are food outlets keeping up with changing diet preferences?

Whilst growing availability of plant-based alternatives has helped to fuel the decline of meat consumption – there is still much more to be done, particularly in foodservice environments. Consumers trying to reduce their meat intake, still crave a meaty taste and texture but they don’t want processed spongy meat substitutes that leave them with an unpleasant aftertaste. They seek natural, minimally processed alternative proteins that make the switch from meat to meat-free as easy as pie. With three mouth-watering classic pie recipes to choose from, The Savvy Chef is here to make reducing meat consumption a positive experience – for everyone; vegetarian, vegan, flexitarian or label free!

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